Saturday, December 06, 2008

Virtual regatta news

The latest count in the Vendée Globe virtual regatta is over 184,000 participants. So, it's a huge success... and the impressive software seems to be working faultlessly. At the present moment, as we start to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, my son and I are respectively among the top 9,000 and the top 4,000 virtual vessels.

[Click the graphic to visit the website and launch your yacht.]

My son's yacht is named Kerouziel, and mine is Gamone.

There has been TV coverage of this game, which has become a significant social phénomenon in France. Office workers are organizing sweepstakes among their colleagues, with monetary prizes for the participant who reaches such-and-such a spot on the globe in first position. The set of wind data is updated twice a day, at 11 o'clock in the morning and 11 o'clock of an evening. A woman has sent a letter of complaint to the organizers of the virtual regatta saying that her love life is suffering, because her husband won't crawl into bed with her until he has examined the late evening wind data and set his night-time bearing accordingly.

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catherine todd said...

Wow! Had no idea... will have to go check this out now!