Friday, November 14, 2008

Sacré Sarko!

It's not easy to translate the title of this post. Placing the adjective sacré before the president's nickname doesn't mean that I consider Nicolas Sarkozy as a sacred individual. On the contrary, it's a way of reacting to his latest surprise act by exclaiming: What a cunning stunt! I'm referring to the masterly way in which Sarko, this afternoon at Nice, succeeded in cornering the young lad from Moscow, Dmitri Medvedev, and persuading him to drop his recent hawkish talk about anti-missile protection systems on the edge of Europe.

During this morning's encounter between Russia and the 27 nations of Europe, Sarkozy was acting, of course, in his role as the current president of the European Union. He succeeded in calming the situation by stating that there would be time enough next year to define a new security architecture for Europe. But the only hitch in Sarko's pragmatic behavior was that, normally, it's not exactly the job of Europe's president to talk to Russia about the deployment of missiles! One has the impression that the French president, while advancing simultaneously in several different directions, has a knack of making up the rules of the game as he goes. As I said: Sacré Sarko!

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cm said...

I always thought that Sarkozy has serious psychological disorders. Almost every news article confirms my opinion.

He wanted to be the president of France - OK.
He wanted to be the president of Europe - OK. But it seems that 6 months is not enough for him, he wants 6 months more (for the moment).
He started to criticise his "best" friend (Bush) - OK. But I'm not sure that France is in the position to give lessons to the Americans.

His aim? As far as I can picture it: to be the president of the word for lifetime.

He should be very careful with the reforms concerning the psychiatric hospitals (related to the last "fait divers"). I suppose he would like to imprison every disturbed person in a UMD (Unité pour Malades Difficiles), so he will have to build new ones - for the moment, only 4 hospitals of this kind exist in France.

But really, he should pay attention: he might be the first patient of one of these brand new UMD, built by his hands.