Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crossed destinies

This evening, the Socialist party is electing a new leader. Of the three candidates, the two favorites are females: Ségolène Royal and Martine Aubry.

Even though their political principles are much of a muchness, the two women have very different personalities, but their destinies are crossed in this evening's challenge, where there will be one winner and two losers. To use a far-fetched comparison, Ségolène can be likened to Obama, and Martine to McCain. That's to say, Madame Royal wants to change the old-fashioned style of the time-honored leftist party, whereas the mayoress of Lille, daughter of the French statesman Jacques Delors, would prefer to leave the party more or less as it has always been. The result of this evening's election will be known in an hour or so's time.

Another outstanding French personality—a woman on the opposite side of the political arena—was honored today in France.

In 1944, 16-year-old Simone Veil was deported to Auschwitz. Today, she became a member of the prestigious French Academy.

BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday evening's vote among Socialists did not produce a winner, in that neither of the three candidates obtained the majority of 50%. But Ségolène Royal came quite close, with a score of over 42%. So, there'll be a second electoral round tomorrow.

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