Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two blacks in the big shit

Fairy tale. Hairy tale. Scary tale. A Senegalese couple tried to make a few euros by pirating an online bank account. They managed to bill an ordinary victim, who happened to be named Nicolas Sarkozy, for a fake subscription to an Internet service provider. Everything seemed to work perfectly. The Senegalese couple had no trouble in acquiring 200 euros. Then their ill-gotten gains hit the proverbial fan.

"Holy shit, man, you're joking? You really mean to tell us that this dumb bastard we pirated happens to be the fucking president of the French République? Man, I reckon we're in real shit. We must be humble. If it were possible, we'd be most happy to refund those two fucking hundred euros..."

It would surprise me greatly if our otherwise gentlemanly president were to agree to a gentleman's agreement. For once, I agree with Sarko.

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