Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beautiful woman

Once upon a time, the juvenile beauty of Brigitte Bardot was purely on the outside, for all to admire. Personally, I have fuzzy adolescent recollections of admiring her fresh photographic image in a down-to-earth sexual manner... if you see what I mean. I imagined her home territory at Saint-Tropez as some kind of exotic and erotic earthly paradise. When I happened to drop in there for a few hours with Australian friends in 1963, I purchased an expensive deer-skin coat in a seaside boutique. I wore it fondly for years. This leather coat always reminded me of my brief encounter with Bardot's sophisticated and elegant Mediterranean village... but I've since learned that the former sex goddess would not necessarily have approved of an admirer wearing a coat made from the leather of an innocent beast.

These days, the beauty of Brigitte Bardot is still there, as always, perfectly intact, but it has moved to the inside. Over the years, she has surprised and annoyed us at times, through her apparent adherence to extremist right-wing political folk. But we have continued to admire Brigitte as a constant outspoken defender of the rights of animals. Who would have ever imagined, back in the '60s, that our superficial French sex symbol would evolve gently into a profound and fabulous friend of all those countless creatures, our dear cousins, whose chromosomes and genes don't happen to coincide totally with those of our Homo sapiens species?

Today, Brigitte Bardot is a stateswoman of planetary stature, with an eye on all that's happening on the planet Earth. So, it's normal that BB should feel like addressing a harsh word or two to Sarah Palin.

"Speaking on behalf of the respect and preservation of Nature, I hope you'll lose this election, in which case the world will win. Madame Palin, your refusal to admit the responsibility of human beings in global warming, combined with your encouragement of gun ownership and the right to fire at all and everything, make you a disgrace to women. You are a terrible menace, representing a veritable ecological catastrophe."

Brigitte Bardot then turns to Sarah Palin's support of oil-drilling within the Arctic sanctuary, evoking the plight of polar bears. Bardot tells Palin that her actions "reveal your total irresponsibility and your incapacity to protect, or simply respect, animal life".

Brigitte Bardot takes up Palin's ridiculously pitiful self-description about being "a pit bull terrier with lipstick". Bardot, who's an expert in the canine domain, states that Sarah Palin has no right to compare herself with dogs. "Mrs Palin: No pit bull terrier, no other dog, nor even any other animal is as dangerous as you are."

Needless to say, I agree 100 percent with my heroine Brigitte Bardot.

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