Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Captain Sarko at the helm

France is fed up with latter-day pirates on the high seas off the coast of Somalia. Following the French army's successful liberation of two French hostages (involving the death of a pirate and the capture of six others), president Nicolas Sarkozy has just launched an international mobilization against what he calls a "veritable crime industry". While insisting upon the fact that France alone cannot deal with the epidemic of pirate operations on the high seas, and thanking Germany and Malaysia for their assistance, Sarkozy called for the creation of an international force of "ocean police". It should start operating off Somalia, which remains one of the most dangerous pirate-prone spots on the globe.

The liberated navigators were a French couple, professional skippers, sailing the 16-meter yacht (for a client) from Australia to France.

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catherine todd said...

Is this happening in present day? Hard to believe even though I am sure this must be true; why haven't we heard more about this in the media? Is it because I live in America?

This is one more reason why I can't stand the swashbuckling hit movies about "pirates," as if they are some kind of godsend to aspire to. Swashbuckling my ***.