Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beijing partisan

[This post is based upon an article in Ouest-France,
27 July 2008, by Donatien Huet.]

The married name of this 50-year-old lady is Anh Dao Traxel. Try to identify her. I'll give you a few hints... She was born in Vietnam and suffered terrible hardships there before her expatriation to France in 1979, as a 21-year-old refugee who didn't speak a word of French. Today, Anh Dao is married to a French police lieutenant, Emmanuel Traxel, and she has a French passport.

She has an Olympic message. Last 22 July, she scrambled up onto the Great Wall of China and unrolled a banner, authorized by Chinese authorities: For international peace, in the Olympic spirit.

The Traxel couple have four children, with very French Christian names: Bernard, Laurence, Jacques and Cassandre. Do these names help you to figure out her identity? When asked why she was militating for the success of the forthcoming Games in Beijing, Anh Dao replied: The education of Bernadette and the affection of Jacques made me want to reach out to others, just as they once reached out to me. My involvement is, as it were, a homage to my parents.

Anh Dao is the adopted daughter of Jacques Chirac and his wife Bernadette.

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catherine todd said...

Moved me to tears at the end; there may be hope for the world yet. Thanks for posting.